viernes, 16 de marzo de 2007


papel A4
grafito tintas
y acrilicos

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*ItkUpiLLi* dijo...

Hei Daniel!
I love those drops of drawing ink, reminds me from earlier days before computers. Does the wolf has something to do with Romulus and Remus!

Mauricio dijo...

Grande Daniel,

Siempre genial!

griesmail dijo...

Hi Daniel,

I love your work!!!
I touches me

harlequinpan dijo...

Hello Daniel

Very nice work!
Love the feeling of Zen.

Good luck

griesmail dijo...

Hi Daniel,
I am the same but I changed my photo, is it ok if I link your blog on my blog?
We are born in the same year and are both libra. Hope you have new work soon

get zapped dijo...

hello Daniel,

Thank you for your kind visit to get zen. It is fun to discover other souls who share similar interests. I wish you luck in your zazen practice. I haven't worked with that yet. I bought a wonderful book yesterday; "Zen Seeds", by Shundo Aoyama. It is a gentle and honest book.

Btw, I really like this piece. So soft, yet it says a lot.


Santiago Paz dijo...

Me gustó.

A ver si un día de estos te pido una imagen para ponerla de adorno para uno de mis cuentos o poemas.

Santiago Paz

cosmic clown dijo...

hey Daniel, Gran abrazo.amar tu trabajo mucho.tus pensamientos vienen del corazón.y tactos su corazón. hermoso mi amigo. mirar siempre adelante a tus creaciones.

dinesh dijo...

beautiful, raw, spontaneous! interesting work daniel!

danixa dijo...

ups, qué buena mancha ey!
Primer premio!

Alina Chau dijo...

love the expressiveness!!